About Us

Here at Nooitgedacht Wild, the whole team strives to provide clients with the hunting experience of their life. We offer a diverse variety of game in the Western Cape. Included in the 20 species we have are Eland, Kudu, Gemsbok, Wilde Beest, Giraffe and many more. The animals are in very good condition and it’s not just the horn length that counts but also the body size.

Our hunting terrain varies between plains and bushy/forested areas which allows for a variety of different hunting techniques. Primarily utilising the ‘Walk & Stalk’ method, we aim to give hunter and hunted alike, a fair chance in the most natural conditions. All the species freely share our hunting terrain and can be seen during the hunt. We also have professional butchers available to supplement our cooling facilities, providing further options to our clients. We specialise in Trophy and Biltong hunting.

Our luxurious Manor House accommodates up to 10 people (self-catering). We offer group hunts, father & son (or daughter) hunts and family hunts where the whole family can enjoy a holiday in the veld combined with a hunting experience of a lifetime. We are located approximately 60min from cape Town International Airport, just outside Wellington in the Boland


About The Hunting Area

Our hunting terrain covers between 1200 and 1500 hectares of varied terrain, including plains filled with Cape Fynbos, mountainous areas and woodlands. Species on the farm are common springbuck, white springbuck, black springbuck, copper springbuck, impala, nyala, bontebok, waterbuck, fallow deer, kudu, eland, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, golden wildebeest, oryx, red hartebeest, sable, roan, giraffe, buffalo and much more.

Nooitgedacht Wild (established in 2017) owes its creation to two brothers discussing how they could help to improve the conservation of wild animals in South Africa through their shared love of nature.

The Olivier brothers, Jan-Ellis and Bester, grew up in the Klein Karoo (Little Karoo). This cultivated a deep love of nature and farm life from a very young age. Being hunters from such a young age instilled in them the understanding that hunting contributes to the conservation of our natural assets and ecosystems. In the spirit of ‘fair chase’ Nooitgedacht Wild always strive for the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit and hunting of our free-ranging animals in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over the animals.

JP Hugo is a skilled professional hunter and as such contributes in a large way to ensuring that our clients enjoy the experience of a lifetime in the ‘veld’. Melandri Olivier is the wife of Jan-Ellis. She helms the administrative duties in the office and keeps the two gentlemen on their toes, while sharing their great love for nature and hunting. Jacob is in charge of the recovery team. He ensures that animals are retrieved from the ‘veld’ professionally, taking care not to damage the carcass which he delivers to our butchery team. Nico is our head-butcher. He makes sure that the butchers’ work is always above standard. He is in charge of creating the perfect cape of your trophy animal and will prepare it for the taxidermist to capture your memories for the wall.

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